Video Thumbnailer

This command will take a snapshot from a video at any point in the time line.

When to use it

When you want to create a thumbnail for a video. If you have multiple videos on one page you dont want them to start automatically, but you still visually want to show what each video is going to be like.



  • string name - the unique name of the configuration element.
  • string outPutPath - the path where processed file will be saved to.
  • string workingPath - the path where files will be saved to, while being processed.
  • string errorProcessingPath - the path where files that could not be processed will be moved to.
  • string fileNameFormat - the file name format that is applied on outputted files.

  • ImageType imageType - the image output type to use for the thumbnail.
  • int width - the image width for the thumbnail.
  • int height - the image height for the thumbnail.
  • int time - the time into the video the thumbnail should be taken. Rather use timePercentage where possible.
  • int timePercentage - the percentage into the video the thumbnail should be taken.


  • JPG - Jpeg
  • PNG - Png

Example Configuration

      <project name="Blog">
          <!-- Blog - Video Output -->
          <videoThumbnailerSetting name="SettingsForBlogVideoThumbnail" outPutPath="C:\Data\talifun-commander\Examples\Assets\Blog\Output\VideoThumbnail\" errorProcessingPath="C:\Data\talifun-commander\Examples\Assets\Blog\Processing\Video\ProblemProcessingQueue\" workingPath="C:\Data\talifun-commander\Examples\Assets\Blog\Processing\Video\Temp\" imageType="JPG" width="100" height="90" timePercentage="10"/>