Video Converter

This command will convert a detected video file to the specified format.

When to use it

When you want to ensure that uploaded videos are optimized for size/quality and in a format that is internet friendly. E.g. convert .mpg file to flv. This is very handle when you have a nice flash or html 5 media player on your site.

Meta File

To pass in meta information about videos, a seperate json file is passed in with the video to convert. Please ensure meta file is copied into watched folder first.

Naming Convention

{file name with extension}.VideoConversion.json

e.g. video.mp4 -> video.mp4.VideoConversion.json

File Format

This is a key value list of allowed parameters per video type.


  • Title
  • Artist
  • Copyright
  • Comment
  • Album
  • Genre
  • Track


Any keywords allowed


  • Title
  • Artist
  • AlbumArtist
  • Album
  • Grouping
  • Composer
  • Year
  • Track
  • Comment
  • Genre
  • Copyright
  • Description
  • Synopsis
  • Show
  • EpisodeId
  • Network
  • Lyrics


Any keywords allowed


  • Title
  • Description
  • Langauge

  "Caption" : "Caption of image",
  "Comment" : "Comment of image"



  • string name - the unique name of the configuration element.
  • string outPutPath - the path where processed file will be saved to.
  • string workingPath - the path where files will be saved to, while being processed.
  • string errorProcessingPath - the path where files that could not be processed will be moved to.
  • string fileNameFormat - the file name format that is applied on outputted files.

  • VideoConversionType videoConversionType - the video conversion type to use.
  • int audioBitRate - the bitrate to use for the audio.
  • int audioFrequency - the audio frequency to use for audio.
  • int audioChannels - the number of audio channels to use the audio.
  • bool deinterlace - if deinterlace should be used when encoding video.
  • int width - the width of the video output.
  • int height - the height of the video output.
  • int videoBitRate - the video bit rate of the video output.
  • int frameRate - the frame rate of the video output.
  • AspectRatio aspectRatio - the video bit rate of the video output.
  • int? maxVideoBitRate - the max video bit rate of the video output. Recommend setting MaxVideoBitRate > VideoBitRate.
  • int? bufferSize - the buffer size of the video output. Recommend setting BufferSize > MaxVideoBitRate > VideoBitRate.
  • int? keyframeInterval - the buffer size of the video output. Recommend setting KeyframeInterval = 10 FrameRate.
  • int?minKeyframeInterval - the buffer size of the video output. Recommend setting MinKeyframeInterval = FrameRate.


  • NotSpecified - not specified
  • FLV - Flv
  • H264 - H.264


  • NotSpecified - not specified
  • RatioOf4By3 - 4:3
  • RatioOf16By9 - 16:9
  • RatioOf16by10 - 16:10

Example Configuration

      <project name="Blog">
          <!-- Blog - Video Output -->
          <videoConversionSetting name="SettingsForBlogVideo" outPutPath="C:\Data\talifun-commander\Examples\Assets\Blog\Output\Video\" workingPath="C:\Data\talifun-commander\Examples\Assets\Blog\Processing\Video\Temp\" errorProcessingPath="C:\Data\talifun-commander\Examples\Assets\Blog\Processing\Video\ProblemProcessingQueue\" videoConversionType="FLV" audioBitRate="64000" audioFrequency="44100" audioChannels="2" deinterlace="true" width="320" height="240" videoBitRate="650000" frameRate="25"/>