Flickr Uploader

When to use it

When you want to upload pictures to Flickr.

Meta File

To pass in meta information about images, a seperate json file is passed in with the image to upload. Please ensure meta file is copied into watched folder first.

Naming Convention

{file name with extension}.FlickrUploader.json

e.g. image.jpg -> image.jpg.FlickrUploader.json

File Format

  "Title" : "Title of image",
  "Description" : "Description of image",
  "Keywords" : "Keyword, For, Image",
  "IsPublic" : false,
  "IsFamily" : false,
  "IsFriend" : false,
  "ContentType" : "None",
  "SafetyLevel" : "None",
  "HiddenFromSearch" : "None"