Talifun Commander

This tool will allow you to create your own Flickr or YouTube with the greatest of ease.

Talifun Commander is a windows service that executes command line tools, as specified in configuration, when files are placed into watched directories. The service is highly configurable to ensure that even the most complex of conversions scenarios is easy to implement.

These plugins make it easy to manipulate images, audio and videos by executing command line tools such as ffmpeg, image magick, flvtool2 against files that are placed into watched directories.

The complexity of the command line arguments required to call these command line tools is simplified through the provided GUI. So no fiddling around in complex xml is required.

Logging is provided by NLog and by default it has growl support included. So managemenet of the service should be simple as there are a ton of ways to get notifications via NLog and Growl.

Suite contents

How to install talifun-commander